Hello there, my name is Caroline Delavi, this is my artistic name in honor of my grandmother. I have a degree in Graphic Design graduated in 2017. I have been working as a graphic designer and illustrator freelance since 2018.

I am an explorer. My passion for design and art makes me explore many areas of the art universe. I work with illustration, branding, interfaces, websites, digital painting, and other graphic materials. I also like to create characters and stories.

As a freelancer, I had the pleasure of working with amazing clients such as Doctoralia (BRA), Snapchat (USA), Canva (AU), Maldita (BRA), Oberlo (USA), and others.

Currently, I work as an illustrator at Superside. I also work as a freelancer doing illustration and branding, if you have any project in mind send me a message, let's work together! 

Volunteer work

I am part of a project called Designers do Povo (People's Designers), which is an initiative that mobilizes designers, programmers, and other professionals in the communication area to donate their services to small businesses and local entrepreneurs during this time of crisis and help the local economy to survive and adapt to a fully digital world. Click here to see one of the projects that I developed.​​​​​​​
Contests and Awards

In 2019, the animation Gazeta Rotinain which I participated in the creation as an illustrator, won the gold award for Craft Animation by the CCPR 2019 Festival.
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